Roman Britain

Known as "the end of the world", Britain came to the attention of Julius Caesar in 54 BC as he searched for fame and glory through conquest. Trade with the Britons was already established but Caesar's invsion formed a lasting affiliation between the Roman Empire and the Southern tribes of England, the Romans claimed a victory over the Britons even though it is thought that Caesar did not subdue many tribes. A renewed invasion was launched by Caligula in 43 AD; this is regarded as the start of the Roman occupation of Britain.

Britain became a province of the Roman Empire, and Romanisation of the Celts increased; many of the clan kings dressed and behaved like Romans as it became the symbol of power and wealth in the country. However, the Northern tribes resisted Romanisation considerably, which led to the famous Hadrian's Wall being built in 112 AD.

Many southern revolts occurred during the Roman accupation - the most famous was the revolt of the Iceni led by Boudica in 60 AD.

On the death of the Iceni king, the Romans appropriated his property and refused to share it with his widow and daughters as was stated in the king's will. The Romans lashed his widow, Queen Boudica, and raped their two daughters; the Iceni tribe revolted as a result of their treatment. The Iceni attacked and burnt down Camulodonum (Colchester); the Romans hid in the temple of Claudius but it was burnt down by the Iceni with the Romans still inside. The scorch marks can still be seen on the walls of the temple under Colchester castle. This is one example of the lasting marks on the country left by the Romans; much archaeology still survives, such as the temple at Harlow and the Roman town of Great Chesterford.

The following reading list is designed as an introduction to Roman Britain and your local archaeological sites of interest. A range of books are provided for beginners to experts, all of which can be found in the Saffron Town Library or the Public Library. Please a member of staff for assistance if you would like to find more books on this subject in the library.

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Author(s) Title Publisher Date Reference Shelving
Alcock, J Life in Roman Britain English Heritage 1996 936.104 Roll 28C5
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Bidwell, P Roman Forts in Britain Batsford 1997 936.204 Roll 28C6
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De la Bedoyere, G Roman Britain: A new history Thames and Hudson 2010 936.104 Open
Essex Archaeology and History Essex Archaeological
E.050 & E.913 RRm, Left
of Window
France, NE The Romano-British Temple
at Harlow, Essex
West Essex Archaeological
1985 E.HAR.1.913 Roll 30C6
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Neville, RC Roman Remains at Ickleton and Chesterford [private] ???? E.CHE.2 Roll 30C3
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East Britain
Heritage Marketing & Publications 2008 936.2204 Roll 28C6
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Williamson, TM Roman and Medieval Settlement in
North-West Essex
Cambridge PhD Thesis 1982 E.913 Roll 30B5

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