Travel Books: Europeans in Africa, Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the volumes you can examine in the library. (Introduction is in Part 1.)

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Travel - Africa, 1861 to 1952

Author(s) Title Publisher Date Journey details Region Reference
Du Chaillu, Paul Belloni Explorations and Adventures in equatorial Africa; with accounts of the manners and customs of the people, and of the chace of the Gorilla, Crocodile, leopard, elephant, hippopotomus and other animals John Murray 1861 Travels in Gaboon (Gabon), from the Gabon Estuary, into the lands of the Mpongwe, the Mbenga of Corisco Island, the Shekiani, the Fan, the Mboundou, the Bakalai, the Goumbi, the Ashira, as far as Apingi country, and back to Biagano (Omboue) on the coast. Central Africa D614
Petherick, John Egypt, the Soudan and central Africa, with explorations from Khartoum on the White Nile to the regions of the Equator; sketches from 16 years' travel. William Blackwood & Sons 1861 Suez, Akaba, Cairo, Khartoum, Kordofan, the Bagara, the Djour (Jur), the Shilluk, the Sobat river, Bhar-el-Ghazal, back to Khartoum. North-East Africa D639
Speke, John Hanning Journal of the Discovery of the source of the Nile William Blackwood & Sons 1863 From Zanzibar in 1860, Speke and Captain Grant went through Uzaramo, Usagara, Unyamuezi, Zinza, Karague, Uganda, Ripon Falls, Unyoro, along the Nile, to the land of the Madi, and Gondokoro, where they were met by Samuel Baker. East Africa D594, D595 (two issues)
Baldwin, William C African Hunting from the Natal to the Zambezi, 1852-1860 Bentley 1863 The archetypal Victorian big-game hunter. The book is a summary of his journals which were written in the few spare moments during his travels, through Zululand, Natal, Transvaal (Witswatersrand), Ngamiland, Zambezi. Southern Africa D657
Grant, James Augustus A walk across Africa or domestic scenes from my Nile journal William Blackwood & Sons 1864 Intending to find the source of the White Nile from the south, Grant joined Speke in Zanzibar to Kazeh, Ukuni, Karagwe, where Grant had to stay with an infected leg, catching up with Speke in Buganda, Unyoro, Bari, meeting up with Baker in Gondokoro, on to Khartoum, down the Nile to Cairo. East Africa, North Africa D600
Livingstone, David and Charles Narrative of an expedition to the Zambesi, and its tributaries and of the discovery of the lakes Shirwa nad Nyassa 1858-64 Murray 1865 Zambezi River, Kebrabassa, Tette, Lake Nyassa, Zumbo, Batoka highlands, Lake Victoria, the Makololo, Sesheke, upper Zambesi, back to Tette and Sena on the Zambesi delta. Again to Lake Nyassa, launch of the Lady Nyassa steamer. Southern Africa D622 (see also D621)
Baker, Samuel White Albert Nyanza, great basin of the Nile Macmillan 1866 Up the Nile,from Khartoum with his wife, to Gondokoro, where he met Speke and Grant; on up the White Nile to Lake Luta N'zige, which he renamed Albert, and Murchison Falls, returning to Gondokoro. He was also active in attempting the abolition of slavery in Sudan East Africa D591-D592
Du Chaillu, Paul Belloni Journey to Ashango-land, and further penetration into equatorial Africa John Murray 1867 From Fernand Vaz river mouth, through the lands of the Goumbi, the Ashira, to Mayolo (Mouila), the Ishogo, to Ashango-land. Hostilites here resulted in retreat, back through Ishogo-land to the coast West Africa D615
Ellis, William Madagascar revisited, describing the events of a new reign and the revolution which followed John Murray 1867 The return due to death of Queen of Madagascar. Landed in Tamatave; to the capital , Antananarivo. Information about the land of the Imerina, the sites of christian martyrs, and from other parts of the country. Visit to Imerinamandross and Betsimitatatra. Back via Ambatonakanga to Tamatave. Madagascar D671
Hozier, Henry Montague The British Expedition to Abyssinia from authentic documents Macmillan 1869 Account of the expedition, setting out from Massawa, to Adigerat, Antalo, Ashangi, Lat, Takkazi, Bashilo, Arogi, then Magdala May 1868; and the return march. East Africa D648
Stanley, Henry Morton How I found Livingstone; travels,adventures and discoveries in central Africa including four months residence with Dr Livingstone Sampson, Low 1872 Zanzibar, to Bagamoyo, Ugogo, Unyamyembe, Mrera, ukonongo, Ujiji, meeting Livingstone, Lake Tanganika, back to Ujiji. East Africa D628
Schweinfurth, Georg The Heart of Africa. Three years travels and adventures in the unexplored regions of central Africa, from 1868 to 1871 Sampson, Low, et al 1873 Up the Nile to Khartoum, the ivory trade, Shilluk, Nuer, Dinka, iron-smelting, the Bongo, Niam-Niam, Monbuttoo, Kordofan. East Africa D607, D608 (two sets)
Speke, John Hanning What led to the discovery of the Nile William Blackwood & Sons 1874 Two sections, accounts from Speke of his earlier expeditions with Burton, though put together until after his death. 'Adventures in Somaliland'(1854): From Aden to Wadi Nogal and the Rhut river, back to Aden; with Burton to Berbera, then inland, where they were attacked, so retreated to the coast, back to Aden. 'Cruise on the Tanganyika Lake' (1857-58): From Zanzibar to Tabora, Ujiji, Lake Tanganyika, Kivira Island, Tabora, Lake Victoria, back to Zanzibar. East Africa D593
Baker, Samuel White Ismailia, narrative of the expedition to central Africa for the suppression of the slave trade, organised by Ismael, Khedive of Egypt Macmillan 1874 Exploration of the old White Nile, Gondokoro, and return to Khartoum. East Africa D605, D606
Boyle, Frederick Through Fanteeland to Coomasie; a diary of the Ashantee expedition Chapman and Hall 1874 A transcription of his diary written while he was covering the British punitive expedition of 1874 to the Asante capital of Kumasi, in present-day Ghana, for the Daily Telegraph. Arrival at Cape Coast, Prasu, in Ashantee country, to Coomasie. West Africa D653
Stanley, Henry Morton Coomassie and Magdala, the story of two British campaigns in Africa Sampson, Low 1874 In West Africa, to Cape Coast, Elmina, Accra, Addah, Prahsu, Adansi, Ashantee country, Becquah, Coomasie (Kumasi). In Abyssinia, Annesley Bay (Bay of Zula, Eritrea), Zoulla, Adowa hills, Focada, Attigrat (Adigrat), Dongola, Agoula (Agulla), Antallo, Lake Ashangi, the Wadela (Waldia) valley, Santarai, Abdecoom, Dalanta, Magdala. East Africa, West Africa D654
Rae, Edward The country of the Moors, a journey from Tripoli in Barbary to the City of Kairwan John Murray 1877 From Malta to Tripoli, Lebda (Leptis Magna), Homs, back to Tripoli, Malta, Tunis, Monastir, Sfax, Kairwan/Cairaowan, back to Tunis. North Africa D573
Cameron, Verney Lovett Across Africa Daldy 1877 Expedition organised by Royal Geographical Society in support of David Livingstone. Departed Zanzibar in 1873, to meet with news that Livingstone had died; others took his body back, Cameron went on to Ugogo, Unyanyembe, Ujiji on Lake Tanganyika, to Nyangwe on River Lualaba , Upper Congo, Luvale, Kwanza, Bie, reaching the western coast at Benguela, the first European to across the continent, from coast to equatorial coast. East Africa, Central Africa D633, D634
Stanley, Henry Morton Through the Dark Continent, or , the sources of the Nile, around the great lakes of equatorial Africa and down the Livingstone river to the Atlantic Ocean Sampson, Low 1878 Volume One: arrival at Zanzibar (with the Lady Alice in pieces),to Bagamoyo, Dodoma, Vinyata, Kagehyi, around Lake Victoria, Soweh Island, Mtesa's capital Rubaga, Karagwe, Ujiji, Volume Two: from Zanzibar, to Kagehyi, Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Nyangwe on the Lualaba river, the cataracts on the Congo river (later the Stanley Falls), down the Congo river to Boma, on the west coast. East Africa D629, D630
Holub, Emil Seven years in South Africa: travels, researches, and hunting adventures between the diamond-fields and the Zambesi 1872-79 Sampson, Low 1881 From Cape Town to Port Eizabeth, then to the Diamond Fields; Grahamstown, Cradock, Colesberg, Fauresmith, Kimberley, Molopolole, Shoshong, on to the Zambezi and Victoria Falls. Southern Africa D660, D661
James, Frank Linsly The wild tribes of the Soudan, an account of the travel and sport cheifly in the Base country, being personal experiences and adventures during three winters spent in the Soudan. John Murray 1884 (2nd ed) Khartoum, to southern Sudan, mainly among the Base people. Souakim, Wandi, Cassala, the Atbara, Amedeb, Massawa. North-east Africa D640
Thomson, Joseph Through Masai land, a journey of exploration among the snowclad volcanic mountains and the strange tribes of eastern equatorial Africa Sampson, Low 1885 Narrative of Royal Geogaphical Society expedition in 1883-84, to Taveta, Mt Kilimanjaro, Kikuyu, Njiri, Lake Naivasha, Mt Kenya, Lake Baringo, Kavirondo, Victoria Nyanza, Mt Elgon (see Map). East Africa D635
La Martiniere, HMP de Morocco, journeys in kingdom of Fez and to the court of Mulai Hassan .... 1844-87 Whittaker & Co 1889 From Gibraltar, to Tangiers, lkazar, Dcharchiera, Basra, Wazzan, valley of the Wargha, Zaouia, valley the the Sebou, Meknas, Fez. North Africa D576
Thomson, Joseph Travels in the Atlas and southern Morocco George Philip & Son 1889 Tangier, Azamor, Mogador, Saffi, Maraksh, Demnat, Tasimset, Teluet, Amsmiz, Gindafy, back to Maraksh, Achliz, Asni, Sus. (See Map on p.1) North Africa D577
Stanley, Henry Morton In Darkest Africa , or The quest, rescue, and retreat of Emin, governor of Equatoria Sampson, Low 1890 From Zanzibar to the mouth of the Congo , to Stanley Pool, Yamburya villages, Aruwimi river, Ipoto, the Ituri, Lake Albert, Fort Bodo, Lake Victoria, meeting with Emin Pasha, return via Ipoto, Avisabba, Panga falls, Banalya. Volume Two: Back to Fort Bodo, Kavalli, Bunyombiri, Muhamba, Lake Albert Edward, Ankori, Mutara, Usambiro, Msua, to Bagamoya and Zanzibar. Central Africa, East Africa D631, D632
Parke, Thomas Heazle My personal experiences in equatorial Africa as medical officer of the Emin Pasha relief expedition Sampson, Low 1891 From mouth of the Congo, to Leopoldville (Kinshasa), Basoko, up the Aruwimi river, Ipoto, Fort Bodo, Lake Albert, meeting with Emin Pasha, Lake Edward through Karagwe country to Lake Victoria, on to Zanzibar. Central Africa, East Africa D625
Bent, J Theodore The Ruined Cities of Mashonaland being a record of excavation and exploration in 1891 Longmans, Green & Co 1892 Bent was an antiquarian with experience in Asia Minor and the eastern Mediterranean. He was the first European to examine and start to excavate the ruins of the ruins at Great Zimbabwe, inevitablt interpreting them in the light of his non-African expertise. He also visited the Matindela ruins, the Mazoe valley, and ruins cities in Chipunza, in present day Zimbabwe. Southern Africa D617
Burton, Sir Richard A Mission to Gelele King of Dahome with notices of the so-called "Amazons" the grand customs, the army customs, the human sacrifices, the present state of the slave trade, and the negro's place in nature (Memorial Edition, vols III, IV) Tylston & Edwards 1893 West Africa, Benin Republic, Whydah, Allada, Agrime, Agbome, Amazons and the Dahoman army. West Africa D598, D599
Dubois, Felix Timbuctoo the mysterious [first published in English translation in New York in 1896] Heinemann 1897 From Paris to the towns of the middle Niger, Jenne, and Timbuctoo; the land of the Songhois, the Moors, the University in the great mosque of Sankore. West Africa D609a
Kingsley, Mary H Travels in West Africa: Congo Francais, Corisco and Cameroons Macmillan & Co 1897 Freetown, Sierra Leone, Cape Coast, Accra, Calabar, Fernando Po, Libreville, Lambarene, Talagouga, the Ogowe River, the Fan, the M'pongwe, the Igalwa, Esoon, the Rembwe River, Gaboon, Corisco Island, Glass, Brazzaville, Cameroon, Buea. West Africa D619
Dawson, AJ Things seen in Morocco, being a bundle of jottings, notes, impressions, tales and tributes Methuen & Co 1904 On the writer's travels in Morocco, c1895-1904, interspersed with short stories in other chapters. North Africa D575
Mansfield, Charlotte Via Rhodesia: a journey through Southern Africa Stanley Paul 1909 From the Cape to Bulawayo, Khami, Salisbury, Umtali, Broken Hill, Serenje, Chilonga, Chambezi river, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Nyasa, Zomba, to the coast. Southern Africa, East Africa D584b
Crawford, Daniel Thinking Black; 22 years without a break in the long grass of central Africa Morgan & Scott 1912 'Dark doings in Luvaleland' - Life as a missionary travelling in the Luvale area of southern Congo, along the Luapala river and the western shore of Lake Mweru, between 1890 and 1912. Central Africa D582
Ossendowski, Ferdynand The breath of the Desert; account of a journey through Algeria and Tunisia George Allen & Unwin 1927 Tunisa and Algeria; to Al-Jezair, Aumale, with a museum! Biskra, Batna, Sidi el Kattani, Tunis, Kabylia, Algiers North Africa D589
Van Der Post, L Venture to the Interior Hogarth 1952 to explore Nyasaland; from Nairobi, Tabora, to Blantyre, Mlanje, Mzimba, and the Nyika Plateau East Africa, Southern Africa D463

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