Minutes of the 37th Annual General Meeting
held by Zoom on Thursday 14th October 2020 at 7.30pm

18 people attended the meeting which was deferred from 13th May 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The Charity Commission was informed of the deferral.

1. Apologies were received from: Bruce Munro (BM) and Nigel Weaver.

2. Minutes of the previous Meeting: Minutes of the 2019 AGM had been posted on the website and were shared on-screen. They were taken as read and were accepted as a true record with one correction: 6 (vi) John Osmin Smith to read John Oswin Smith.
Proposed: John Oswin Smith           Seconded: Kelly Cole (KC).           Unanimously agreed.
There were no matters arising.

3. Chairman's Report: Martyn Everett's (ME) report had been posted on the website and was shared on-screen. The report was taken as read and accepted.
Proposed: Berenice Smith.           Seconded: Dominic Davey.           Unanimously agreed.

4. Treasurer's Report: The report had been posted on the website and was shared on-screen. Peter Walker (PW) noted that membership was similar to last year and that the main change was the spending on the re-branding project which had resulted in a budgeted-for deficit. Costs had been met from the 4 to 5 year accumulated surplus. Re-branding spending would continue in the current year to the extent that our pending applications for grant funding were successful. The Society's finances continued to be robust and there was no need to increase the membership subscription. He thanked John Oswin Smith, the independent examiner.
The accounts were accepted.
Proposed: Kathryn Fiddock.           Seconded: Zofia Everett.          Unanimously agreed.

5. Librarian's Report: The report, prepared by Julia Trew, ECC, had been posted on the website and was shared on-screen. It was taken as read.
Gillian Williamson (GW) asked about the implications of ECC Libraries joining The Libraries Consortium. ME replied that there were potential benefits to the Gibson Library (GL). Its collection could be better known, borrowed more widely and more easily accessible on the catalogue under the unique location 'GIB'. Some GL books may be withdrawn from lending and he was seeking assurances from ECC that the GL would be adequately compensated for any lost books.
PW asked whether the SirsiDynix system would apply to Saffron Walden Library. ME replied that it would.
The report was accepted:
Proposed: Pat Gregory.          Seconded: Bruce Tice.           Unanimously agreed.

6. Election of Officers and Committee of the Society:

Election of President: BM had confirmed his willingness to continue in the post. In his absence he sent a message via ME praising the committee for the renaming and rebranding project and November 2019 launch, especially KC, PW and GW.
Nominated: Martyn Everett.           Seconded: Barbara Hughes.           Unanimously agreed.

i) Election of Chairman: In BM's absence, GW took the Chair for the election of the Chairman, ME having confirmed his willingness to continue in the post. She thanked him for his work for the GL during the year.
Nominated: Gillian Williamson.          Seconded: Kelly Cole .          Unanimously agreed.

ii) Election of Treasurer: ME resumed the Chair. Peter Walker confirmed his willingness to continue in the post.
Nominated: Charles Reese.           Seconded: Barbara Hughes.          Unanimously agreed.

iii) Election of Secretary: Gillian Williamson confirmed her willingness to continue in the post.
Nominated: Zofia Everett.          Seconded: Kathryn Fiddock.           Unanimously agreed.

iv) Election of current committee members: John Ready was standing down from the committee. ME thanked him for his major contribution to the Society.
The remaining committee members confirmed their willingness to continue in their posts and were re-elected en bloc: Kelly Cole, Ben Cowell, Barbara Hughes, Howard Newman, Charles Reese and Bruce Tice.
Nominated: Zofia Everett.          Seconded: John Oswin Smith.           Unanimously agreed.

v) Independent Examiner: John Oswin Smith confirmed his willingness to continue in the post.
Proposed: Martyn Everett.          Seconded: Ben Cowell .          Unanimously agreed.

7. Any Other Business:
i) GW reminded the AGM that there were vacancies on the committee that could be filled by co-option during the year.
ii) ME noted that the GL was still closed to the public as ECC Libraries does not allow visits of more than 15 minutes and was quarantining for 72 hours books that had been touched. A few GL volunteers were working on a socially-distanced basis to clear the backlog of tasks. It was unlikely that the GL would reopen in the near future and so the programme to Easter 2021 will be on-line. The committee was working on new formats in addition to the lecture programme.
iii) ME thanked KC who had done a large amount of detailed work compiling and submitting several grant applications supported by BC, PW and GW.

There being no other business the meeting was closed at 8:05pm.

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