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British Atlases

Author(s) Title Publisher Date Notes Reference Shelving
John Ogilby Britannia, Volume the First John Ogilby 1675 (1939) Reproduction of the 100 strip maps of the Principal Roads of England & Wales C1149 Roll 8C7
Robert Morden The New Description and State of England Robert Morden 1701 53 copper plates, 1 for England & Wales plus 52 for each county of E&W; text on each county Please ask staff
Herman Moll The Traveller's Companion John Bowles 1724? England & Wales maps, then a map of each county Please ask staff
John Andrews & Andrew Dury A Map of the Country Sixty Five Miles round London John Stoke 1776 20 large maps, South Coast to Bedford, Abingdon to Margate Please ask staff
Chapman & Andre A Map of the County of Essex Chapman & Andre 1777 2 inches to a mile map of Essex over 25 sheets; badly over-coloured C210 Tall A6
Chapman & Andre A Map of the County of Essex Margary and Phillimore 1777 (1970) A Map of the County of Essex [Modern reproduction; 2 copies] - Reading Rm Right Window Floor
John Cary Cary's New Map of England and Wales, with a Part of Scotland John Cary 1794 Despite the name, it is an atlas with continuous sheet maps covering the whole of England & Wales AAM66 Roll 14C5
John Cary Cary's New and Correct English Atlas John Cary 1818 Maps of each county in England, two maps of Wales and one of England & Wales AAM65 Roll 14C5
G Ellis Ellis's New & Correct Atlas of England & Wales G Ellis 1819 County Maps D28A Roll 9D5
C Smith Smith's New English Atlas C Smith 1822 County maps of England, plus N & S Wales V7429 Reading Rm Left of Fire A4
J Pigot The Counties of England J Pigot 1831 39 county maps plus London AAM505 Roll 15C3
S Lewis Lewis's Atlas comprising the Counties of Ireland S Lewis 1837 Drawn for Lewis's Topographical Dictionary 912.415 Roll 29C4
J&C Walker This British Atlas

J&C Walker - Essex

J&C Walker 1837 County maps of England & Wales C1466 Tall F5
Irish Railway Commission Irish Railway Commission Maps Irish Railway Commission 1838 5 maps of Ireland and 1 of England, Wales & Ireland - all relating to current and proposed railways D30 Tall F6
S Lewis Atlas, comprising Maps of the Several Counties divided into Unions S Lewis & Co 1842 Map of England & Wales, Map of London and maps of the Counties, naming the Poor Law unions. Earlier edition held as Gazetteer C1426 Z29 Roll 9D6
John Bartholomew Black's Handy Atlas of England and Wales A&C Black 1892 10 E&W maps, 40 county maps, 14 town plans C1148 Roll 8C3
Alan Jowett Jowett's Railway Atlas Patrick Stevens 1989 Maps of the railway lines prior to 1923, across 150+ hand-drawn maps 912.1385 Roll 29C4
Sarah Bendall Baker's map of the University and Town of Cambridge, 1830 Cambridgeshire Records Society 1999 Full size reproduction of Baker's Map of Cambridge 912.42659 Roll 29C4

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