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World Atlases

Author(s) Title Publisher Date Notes Reference Shelving
Ptolemy Ptolomei Geographia 1490 Ptolemy's tables, and from this "his" atlas of 1490. London at c55oN, 20oE. Prime Meridian at Fortunate Islands. Please ask staff
Braun & Hogenberg Urbium Praecipuarum Totius Mundi, Volumes 1 to 6 1572-1617 Hundreds of very early City maps & views; includes London and Cambridge Please ask staff
John Goss Braun & Hogenberg's The City Maps of Europe Studio Editions 1572-1617 (1991) 60 Maps reproduced from Braun & Hogenberg's 6 volume work 912 Roll 29C4
J Speed A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World W Humble 1646 Speed's World Atlas reprinted. Maps by P Kaerius (ie P van den Keere) Please ask staff
John Thornton The English Pilot, The Third Book Theatrum Orbis Terrarum 1703 (1970) Reproduction of the 1703 Guide and 62 Charts for Indian Ocean and far eastern waters 623.89225 Roll 20D3
Thomas Bankes, EW Blake & A Cook System of Universal Geography J Cooke [1787] Maps of globes, continents & countries D37 Tall D4
JH Hinton The History and Topography of the United States, Vols 1 & 2 Hinton, Simpkin & Marshall 1830 & 1832 16 maps of states and regions, and Gealogical Map of the United States B3816 & B3817 7C1
SDUK Miscellaneous and Astronomical Maps Baldwin & Craddock 1831-44 Astronomical, World, Continent, Country & City maps, collected and stuck on cardboard D26 Tall F5
Hugh Murray An Encyclopaedia of Geography Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman 1834 82 maps of counties D38 Roll 9B1
G & J Cary [Atlas] G & J Cary 1835 Maps of Eastern & Western hemispheres [New Universal Atlas?] - Tall C6
Holmes & Laurie [Atlas] Holmes & Laurie 1836 Maps of Europe, Asia, Africa and America[s] - Tall C6
SDUK Maps of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowldege, Volumes 1 and 2 Chapman & Hall 1844 World, Continent, Country & City maps D28 & D29 Tall F5
SDUK Miscellaneous and Astronomical Maps Baldwin & Craddock 1844 Continent, Country & City maps, plus maps of Countries in Ancient Times D27 Tall F5
AK Johnston The National Atlas Cowan & Co [c1850] 41 maps of general geography of countries Mus.360 Tall B6
AK Johnston The Physical Atlas W Blackwood & Sons 1850 Maps of Geology, Hydrology, Meteorology and Phytology & Zoology - of the continents K439 Tall A6
AK Johnston The Royal Atlas of Modern Geography W & AK Johnston 1861 48 maps of world, continents, countries & regions, each map with its own index D30bis Tall F5
Henage Lowth A Concise Historical, Biographical & Genealogical Atlas Simpkin & Marshall et al 1851 Maps of England & Wales, France, Spain & Portugal, and Germany B559 Tall A5
George W Colton Colton's Atlas of America JH Colton 1864 64 maps of North America, Central America, South America and Carribean B3802 Tall A5
Dr Charles Muller An Atlas of Ancient Geography John Murray 1874 43 maps of world, empires and countries, many with an Index B579 Tall F5
Letts, Son & Co Letts's Popular Atlas [of the Globe] Letts, Son & Co 1883 156 double pages of maps of continents, countries, regions and cities Z237 Tall C4
WG Blackie The Comprehensive Atlas & Geography of The World Blackie & Son 1884 World, Continent and Country maps - Tall F4
AK Johnston The Royal Atlas of Modern Geography W & AK Johnston 1888 53 maps of world, continents, countries & regions, each map with its own index D30 Tall C6
JG Bartholomew The Times Survey Atlas of the World The Times 1922 112 maps of World, Continents, Countries & Regions - Short A8
Montgomery Martin The Illustrated Atlas of the Nineteenth Century World Studio Editions 1851 (1989) A reproduction of Tallis's The Illustrated Atlas and Modern History of the World 912.09034 Roll 29C4
Peter Whitfield The Image of the World British Library 1994 57 World maps from 1459 to 1990, high quality reproductions 912.09 Roll 29C4

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