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London Atlases

Author(s) Title Publisher Date Notes Reference Shelving
Ralph Agas Civitas Londinum Ralph Agas [1597] (1874) Civitas Londinum (an oblique view) C349 Roll 7D7
Anon The Pedestrian's Companion, Fifteen Miles round London E Grattan 1810? Extra map bound in. No railways, uses Greenwich for Meridian, has 3 penny post boundary. Estimate early 1800s. C1241 Tall B6
Anon Plan of London from Actual Survey 1832 United Kingdom Newspaper 1832 Presented to readers of UK Newspaper. Many vignettes around edge C1241 Tall B6
AP Marks The Map of mid-sixteenth century London London Topographical Society 1964 Reproduction of plates from the Agas (c1563), the "Copperplate" (c1557) and Braun & Hogenberg (c1559) maps of London, and a discussion of ttheir relationships 912.421 Roll 29C4
Darlington & Howgego Printed Maps of London, 1553-1850 George Philip & Son 1964 Cartobibliography of London maps; extensive listing and many printed examples C479 Roll 8A3
Adrian Prockter & Robert Taylor The A to Z of Elizabethan London London Topographical Society 1979 Reproduction and description of three maps of London: Agas (c1563), the "Copperplate" (c1557) and Braun & Hogenberg (c1559) 911.421 Roll 29C4
Ralph Hyde The A to Z of Georgian London London Topographical Society 1982 24 sheets of Rocque's 1747 detailed map of London 912.421 Roll 29C4
Paul Laxton The A to Z of Regency London London Topographical Society 1985 Richard Horwood's map of 1799, reproduced on 40 sheets 912.421 Roll 29C4
- The Village London Atlas Alderman Press 1986 192 maps across Victorian London, using OS maps published 1805 to 1904 (2 copies) 912.421 Roll 29C4
Ralph Hyde The A to Z of Victorian London London Topographical Society 1987 GW Bacon's New Large-Scale Ordnance Atlas of London & Suburbs, 1888, on 59 maps, at 9 inches to a mile and 4 inches to a mile 912.42109 Roll 29C4
Felix Barker & Peter Jackson The History of London in Maps Barrie & Jenkins 1990 78 maps of parts of London, from 1572 to 1989 911.421 Roll 29C4
Ralph Hyde The A to Z of Restoration London London Topographical Society 1992 Ogilby & Morgan's Map of London of 1676 911.421 Roll 29C4
Ralph Hyde Ward Maps of the City of London London Topographical Society 1999 Maps of 25 wards 912.421 Roll 29C4
Ann Saunders The London County Council Bomb Damage Maps, 1939-1945 London Topographical Society 2005 100 maps covering London, coloured for scale of bomb damage 912.421 Roll 29C4
Ann Saunders The A to Z of Edwardian London London Topographical Society 2007 GW Bacon's New Large-Scale Ordnance Atlas of London & Suburbs, 1912, with 7 county maps, 13 thematic maps of London, and 34 4 inch maps of London 912.421 Roll 29C4
Peter Barber London: A History in Maps London Topographical Society & BL 2012 Many maps of London, from c1250 onwards 911.421 Roll 29C4
Peter Barber & Ralph Hyde The A to Z of Charles II's London of 1682 London Topographical Society 2013 William Morgan's 1682 map of London, on 56 reproduced pages 911.421 Roll 29C4

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