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Listed below are the large scale maps that cover various villages and other areas in Uttlesford, mainly in and around Saffron Walden; even larger scale OS maps are included on the Saffron Walden page. The Library also has a later set (1921) of 1:2,500 maps.

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Maps of Uttlesford area at 1:2,500 - 1876-1897

All the maps listed in the table below are at 1:2,500, ie one inch represents 208 feet (c69 yards), or one centimetre represents 25 metres. They are all contained in the folder labelled "Maps of the Saffron Walden area, 18th & 19th Cent - 2", which is on the floor, to the right of the Reading Room window.

Sheet Date Area included
I.12 1877 Heydon Grange (Chishill)
II.8 1877 Stump Cross (Gt Chesterford)
II.12 1877 Great Chesterford & Little Chesterford
II.14 1877 Crawley End (Elmdon) 2 copies
III.6 1877 Hadstock
III.7 1877 Bartlow Station
III.11 1897 Ashdon
III.12 1877 Stevington End (Ashdon)
III.15 1877 Church End (Ashdon)
VIII.1 1877 Great Chishall, Chrishall
VIII.3 1877 Littlebury Green, Strethall, Catmere End
VIII.8 1877 Quendon, Ricklong
VIII.11 1877 Newland End (Arkesdon)
VIII.12 1877 Wendons Ambo
IX.3 1877 St Aylotts, Rothend (Radwinter)
IX.4 1877 Bendysh Hall (Radwinter)
IX.8 1877 Radwinter
IX.9 1877 Shortgrove
IX.13 1877 East Newport
X.2 1877 Blagden Fram, Hempstead Hall (Helions Bumpstead)
X.5 1877 Hempstead
X.10 1877 Little Sampford
X.14(b) 1877 West of Gt Sampford (half sheet)
XIII.1 1876 Ford End
XIII.2 1876 Ford End, Clavering
XIII.3 1897 Clavering
XIII.4 1897 Wicken Bonhunt, Quendon Park
XIII.6 1876 Starling's Green
XIII.7 1877 South east of Clavering
XIII.7 1897 South east of Clavering
XIII.8 1897 Quendon
XIII.12 1877 Rickling Green, Ugley
XIII.15 1897 Maggots End (Manuden)
XIV.2 1877 Debden
XIV.7 1877 Debden Cross, Cutler's Green
XIV.12 1897 South of Thaxted

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