Modern maps listing - 1:2,500 - of the 1960s to 1980s

Listed below are modern-ish large scale maps - 1:2,500, or one centimetre = 25 metres - that we hold for Saffron Walden and the surrounding the district. These are held in the tall metal map chest on the upper floor of the county library.

Note that these sheets do not have official names, just reference numbers; the names below note the major feature on the map. The date shown is for Publication; their "Revised to" date is usually (not always) one year before that.

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Sheet Area included Published Notes
TL5018-5118 Howe Green 1975
TL5019-5119 Great Hallingbury 1975
TL5020-5120 Herts & Essex Hospital 1969
TL5218-5318 Woodside Green 1976
TL5219-5319 Hallingbury Street 1976
TL5220-5320 Bedlar's Gn, Hatfield Forest 1969
TL5228-6328 Old Mead Road 1978
TL5237-5337 Audley End, High School, Debden Road 1990
TL5238-5338 Audley End, SW High Street 1970 2 copies; Hill House labelled Sorting Office
TL5239-5339 Windmill Hill, Lt Walden Road 1970
TL5428-5528 Henham 1978
TL5438-5538 SW Common, Shire Hill, Pounce Wood 1970 2 copies
TL5437-5537 Cromwell Road, Thaxted Road 1985
TL5439-5539 Goddard Way, Ashdon Road 1989
TL5638-5738 Sewards End 1970
TL6641-6741 Bumpstead Hall, Steeple Bumpstead 1961

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There are separate pages for historical 1:2500 maps of central Saffron Walden and outside Saffron Walden.
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