The Library subscribed to Journals and Periodicals from its earliest days, and continues to take many Journals - mainly concerning History, the Arts, Literature or Local Studies. The listings of Journals are broken into eight pages in addition to this one:

The year of the earliest journal held is shown plus the year of the last one held - or no end date in the case of ones which are still being received. In most cases there are some individual issues missing within the date ranges.

Return to the Journals page. You will need to ask a member of staff to see any specific Journals, as they are stored in the basement except where stated otherwise. Some of the current Journals have their latest issue on open display in the Reading Room.

Arts, Costume, Furniture and Architecture,

Code Title Dates Notes.       D. means latest issue is on display in the Reading Room.
The Arts
VP100 Apollo 1978- D. International Art Magazine; published from 1925.
VP194 Art Book 1998-2010 Published 1994 to 2010.
VP123 The Art Bulletin 1984-2014 First published 1913.
VP104 Art History 1978-2015 First published 1978.
VP129 Art Journal 1984-2014 Formerly: Parnassus (1929-41), then College Art Journal (1941-60). First published 1929
VP55 Burlington Magazine 1974- D. Monthly academic journal on the fine and decorative arts. First published 1903.
VP172 Historians of 19th Century Art 1996-2012
VP156 Journal of Decorative & Propaganda Arts 1986-2005
VP130 Print Quarterly 1984- D.
VP118 Worldwide art catalogue bulletin 1979-1987 Published 1963 to 1987.
VP179 Costume 1974- Journal of the Costume Society. First published 1967.
VP180 The Costume Society Newsletter 1997-
VP30 Furniture History 1965- D. Formerly: Journal of the Furniture History Society. First published 1965.
VP30a Furniture History Society Newsletter 1987-
VP173 Architectural History 1965-2014 Research on buildings, the built environment, the history of architectural theory and architectural historiography, in all places and periods. First published 1959.
G164-G178 Architectural magazine and journal of improvement 1834-1838 Gibson Rm, Roll 12C3. Vols 1 to 5, ie all that were published.
LS82 Cambridge Architecture Dec 1988 - D.
VP215 Georgian Group Journal 1991-2001 First published 1991.
VP218 Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings 2012-
VP174 Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain 1996- D.
VP39 Vernacular Architecture 1970-2010

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