The Library subscribed to Journals and Periodicals from its earliest days, and continues to take many Journals - mainly concerning History, the Arts, Literature or Local Studies. The listings of Journals are broken into eight pages in addition to this one:

The year of the earliest journal held is shown plus the year of the last one held - or no end date in the case of ones which are still being received. In most cases there are some individual issues missing within the date ranges.

Return to the Journals page. You will need to ask a member of staff to see many of the Journals, as they are stored in the basement except where stated otherwise. Some of the current Journals have their latest issue on open display in the Reading Room.

Local Studies - Saffron Walden

Code Title Dates Notes.       D. means latest issue is on display in the Reading Room.
E.SAF. 377 The Avenue 1910-1962 Magazine of the Friends School, Saffron Walden. Numbers 1 to 110 plus Nos 124 to 132 (missing 1949 to 1954); plus 1965 & 1974
LS24 Corn Exchange Gazette Oct-1976- Aut-1980 Before the County Library moved in.
LS59 Friends' School Old Scholars' Association Magazine 1923-2001 Croydon & Saffron Walden OSA until 1965.
LS13 Life Sep-1961 - Chr-1995 Quarterly Magazine of Saffron Walden Baptist Church.
LS41 Saffron Walden Deanery Magazine (St Mary's, SW) Jan-1952 - Nov 1961 Also 4 undated ones from early 1970s.
LS5 Saffron Walden Historical Journal Spr-2001 - D. New series started Spring 2001, 10 years after the last SW History Journal (next entry). Hold numbers 1 onwards, except missing numbers 4 and 8. Tall shelves F4.
E.SAF Saffron Walden History May-1972- Aut-1991 Saffron Walden Historical Society Occasional Journal. Tall shelves F4.
VP143 Saffron Walden Old Students Association 1921-1964 Saffron Walden Training College Magazine
LS41 Saffron Walden Parish Magazine (St Mary's, SW) 1886-1901, 1901-1916 Older range patchy after 1894. 1901 & 1903 bound with Church Monthly; 1915/16 bound with The Sign.
LS42 Saffron Walden Parish Magazine (St Mary's, SW) Nov-1967- Dec-2000 Nov 1967 to Mar 1975 (most); Mar 1977 to Nov 1979 (a few); 1984-1994 (very few); 1995 to 2000 (most); also Mar 2002.

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