The Library subscribed to Journals and Periodicals from its earliest days, and continues to take many Journals - mainly concerning History, the Arts, Literature or Local Studies. The listings of Journals are broken into eight pages in addition to this one:

The year of the earliest journal held is shown plus the year of the last one held - or no end date in the case of ones which are still being received. In most cases there are some individual issues missing within the date ranges.

Return to the Journals page. You will need to ask a member of staff to see any specific Journals, as they are stored in the basement except where stated otherwise. Some of the current Journals have their latest issue on open display in the Reading Room.

Bibliography, Books and Printing

Code Title Dates Notes.       D. means latest issue is on display in the Reading Room.
016.42 Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature 1950-2013 Published from 1921 onwards. Subject area coverage encompasses English language syntax, phonology, lexicology, semantics, stylistics, dialectology, vocabulary, orthography, dictionaries and grammars; literature and the computer.
VP150 Annual Bibliography of the history of natural history 1985-1991 Society for the Bibliography of Natural History. First published 1985.
Books and Printing
VP113 Antiquarian Book Review 1980-2003 Renamed: Rare Books Review from 2004 (see below). First published 1974.
VP74 Archives 1975- D. British Records Association. First published 1949.
VP112 Bibliotheck 1980-2004 Journal of Scottish Bibliography and Book History
VP203 The Book Collector 1952-1997 Not related to The Book & Magazine Collector. First published 1952. Interest to librarians, book-collectors and booksellers.
VP203 Book & Magazine Collector 2007-2010 Not related to The Book Collector. Published 1984 to 2010.
028.05 Bookman 2005-2012 Book reviews, articles on books generally, and many publishers' adverts.
VP164 Children's Book History 1970-1995
VP175 Huntingdon Library Quarterly 1996- D.
VP80 The Library 1975- D.
VP41 Library & Information History 1967- Formerly: Library History
VP220 The Private Library 2008- D. Quarterly monographs on books, authors and publishing houses.
VP202 Quadrat 1995-2002 Bulletin of research in progress on the British book trade. Published 1995 to 2009.
VP113 Rare Books Review 2005-2008 Formerly: Antiquarian Book Review (see entry above). Latest news from the rare book world, experts' tips on how to make the best of your collection, in-depth author bibliographies, and auction & fair preview.

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