The Library subscribed to Journals and Periodicals from its earliest days, and continues to take many Journals - mainly concerning History, the Arts, Literature or Local Studies. The listings of Journals are broken into eight pages in addition to this one:

The year of the earliest journal held is shown plus the year of the last one held - or no end date in the case of ones which are still being received. In most cases there are some individual issues missing within the date ranges.

Return to the Journals page. You will need to ask a member of staff to see many of the Journals, as they are stored in the basement except where stated otherwise. Some of the current Journals have their latest issue on open display in the Reading Room.

Literature and Victorian Studies

Code Title Dates Notes.       D. means latest issue is on display in the Reading Room.
All the Year Round 1859-1895 Missing 1870-77. Published 1859 to 1895; edited by Charles Dickens until his death in 1870, and then by his son (also called Charles). Mixture of fiction and non-fiction with an emphasis on literary matters and some journalism. Cellar outer wall, far end.
VP73 American Literary Realism 1973-2004 Critical essays on American literature from 1870 to 1910, first published 1967.
VP57 Blake Illustrated Quarterly 1967-2003 Formerly: Blake Newsletter
VP1 Bronte Studies 1940-2014 Formerly: Bronte Society Transactions
VP4 Conradiana 1969-2012 Study of Joseph Conrad's works. First published 1968.
VP136 Eighteen Nineties Society (Journal) 1987-2002 Published 1976 to 2002 (Society closed 2002).
VP7 English Literature in Transition 1967- D.
VP101 Four Decades of Poetry 1976-1979 The decades being 1890-1930 decades; only published 1976 to 79.
VP111 Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies 1980-
VP170 Journal of Victorian Culture 1996- D.
VP42 Journal of William Morris Studies 1963-
AAM76-78 Longman's Magazine 1883-1902 Volumes 3 (1883), 5 (1884), 9 (1887), 18 (1891), 28 (1896) and 41 (1902) only.
VP171 Nineteenth Century Contexts 1994-2001
VP16 Nineteenth Century Literature 1996- D. Nineteenth Century Fiction.
VP67 Nineteenth Century Prose 1974- Formerly: The Arnoldian, and Arnold Newsletter.
VP102 Nineteenth Century Studies 1977- D.
VP17 Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film 1974-2014 No "and Film" until 2000. Missing 2001-2006.
VP47 Notes & Queries 1857- D. Literary & Antiquarian Miscellany.
VP99 Pre-Raphaelite Review 1977-1980
VP133 Rialto 1984-1988
VP59 Studies in Browning 1973-2000 See also VP2 entry below.
VP88 Studies in Romanticism 1976- D.
VP178 The Times Literary Supplement (TLS) D. Holds issues of last 12 months.
VP15a Useful and Beautiful 2015 D. Formerly: The Newsletter of the William Morris Society in the US. Published 1985 onwards.
VP2 Victorian Literature & Culture 1973-1976 Browning Institute Studies. See also VP59 entry above.
VP21 Victorian Periodicals Review 1968- D.
VP22 Victorian Poetry 1963-
VP103 Victorian Quarterly 1978- D. Victorian Society in America. Missing years 2012-2013.
VP25 Victorian Review 1990-2014
VP29 Victorian Society Annual 1962-1996
VP28 Victorian Society Conference Report 1964
VP24 Victorian Studies 1965- Indiana University
VP98 The Victorian 1978- D. Formerly: Victorian Society Great Eastern Group Newsletter.
VP23 Victorians: A Journal of Culture and Literature 1971-2014 Formerly: The Victorian Newsletter.
VP15 William Morris Society Newsletter 1986- D. The UK version, published 1983 onwards.
VP53 Wordsworth Circle 1970-2009 Published 1970 onwards.
The Yellow Book 1894-1897 An "Illustrated Quarterly" of prose and poetry. Published 1894 to 1897; these copies reprinted in 1967. Cellar, Journals shelf 98.

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