The Library subscribed to Journals and Periodicals from its earliest days, and continues to take many Journals - mainly concerning History, the Arts, Literature or Local Studies. The listings of Journals are broken into eight pages in addition to this one:

The year of the earliest journal held is shown plus the year of the last one held - or no end date in the case of ones which are still being received. In most cases there are some individual issues missing within the date ranges.

Return to the Journals page. You will need to ask a member of staff to see many of the Journals, as they are stored in the basement except where stated otherwise. Some of the current Journals have their latest issue on open display in the Reading Room.

Local Studies - Essex, East Anglia and further afield

Code Title Dates Notes.       D. means latest issue is on display in the Reading Room.
C2171- C2181B East Anglia Notes & Queries 1858-1868, 1885-1910 Old Series 1858 to 1868, plus (complete set of) New Series 1885 to 1910. In Reading Room, Tall shelves F2-F3,
LS20 Essex Bird Report 1964-1995 Holds 1964-1981; 1987; 1993-95.
Essex Churchman Sep-1952- Dec-1952 Issues 2 to 6; included with Saffron Walden Deanery Magazine. LS shelf 9.
LS80 The Essex Family Historian May-1997 - D. Also Nov-1990.
LS95 Essex Field Club Newsletter Sep-1999 - D.
LS83 Essex Gardens Trust Aut-1996 - Win-2014 Issues 1 to 37.
LS16 Essex Journal 1960 - D. In Reading Room, Tall shelves F3-4
972.67 Essex Life 1952-2010 Formerly: Essex Countryside; Essex Countryside & Life. Hold volume 1 onwards.
Essex Magazine and East Anglian Life 1999-2007 Cellar rack O1, shelf A1.
LS84 Essex Naturalist 1886-1936, 1995/96- D. Journal of the Essex Field Club. Old issues in Reading Room, Tall shelves F1-2 for 1886-1936.
LS17 Essex Recusant 1959-1985 A Journal of Research in Post-Reformation Catholic History in Essex. Complete set, except missing vol 26 (1984). In Reading Room, Tall shelf E3.
Essex Review 1892-1955 Volumes 1 to 64, but missing volume 60 (1951). In Reading Room, Tall shelf E1.
E.929 Feet of Fines for Essex 1901-1938 Fines from 1226-31; 1260-72; 1281-1426.
EP2 Hertfordshire Archaeology and History 2004-2009
VP126 Hertfordshire Past and Present 1982-2004 Formerly: Hertfordshire Past.
VP69 The London Journal 1975-2015
Transactions of the Essex Field Club 1881-1892 4 volumes. In Reading Room, Tall shelf E2.

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